Topics Covered in this Webinar

✅ What is the NFT marketplace

✅ Learn the Investing and the Creation side of NFTs

✅ NFTs: Types of NFTs, NF Goods, Smart Contracts.

✅ 4 Step Framework for creating your first NFT

What you'll learn

If you're looking for the complete step by step guide (no coding skills needed) on how to make (mint), buy and sell your own NFTs (Non Fungible Token), set up royalties and gain a well rounded and comprehensive overview on Non Fungible Tokens from the art side to the business side of things - or you're just curious about learning what all the commotion is about and have everything you need in one place from blockchain technology summarized to minting your first NFT today

  • How to create your account on OpenSea.

  • How to Create your Metamask account.

  • How to Mint your NFT without any GAS fee (Polygon Network).

  • How to create your own 3D Avatar NFT for free.

  • How to edit, modify, and delete your NFT

  • Popular & Unpopular Use Cases of NFTs

Attend the Workshop

(Only if You Want to Earn through NFT)

This workshop is for everyone who wants to learn about NFTs and Crypto art. From students to experienced investors, this workshop has something for everyone. This personalized workshop and mentorship program covers everything you need to know about NFTs, whether you’re an artist or collector.

Why you should attend this How to Make your Own NFT workshop

  • Understanding NFT

    Learn how NFT work and how to earn through selling and buying NFT's

  • Get Answers

    Get answers to your most pressing question regarding NFT

  • Its FREE!

    This Webinar comes with a Special giveaway worth Rs 2000/- to all participants

Get FREE Financial Planning Course

Get access to financial planning course worth Rs 2000/- for FREE at the end of the webinar

What our students have to say about our workshops

It was a nice experience. Thoroughly detailed and precise.

Vaibhav K

Pretty good and interesting elements are being covered in this workshop, a perfect starter for anyone with no prior knowledge of the NFTs n marketplace.

Firm understanding about NFT's

Mayank Khatri

This workshop gives a 360-degree view of NFT and I am glad I took this workshop, highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and explore NFT space

Workshop on How to Make your 1st NFT

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