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Course curriculum

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    • Introduction to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

    • Module 1 - History and Fundamentals

    • Module 2 - How to get Cryptocurrencies

    • Module 3 - Mining and Economics

    • Module 4 - Storing Cryptocurrencies

    • Module 5 - Crypto Exchanges and Trades

    • Bonus Content - DCX Learn x ClearTax

Course Overview

✔ Have a strong understanding of what blockchain technology is.

✔ Understand what Bitcoin is and how it works.

✔ Know and use key vocabulary and concepts commonly used when discussing Blockchain and Bitcoin in business situations.

Benefits of taking this Crypto Trading Course Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Course

  • Smart finance

    Achieve financial insights and gain richer dividends

  • Crypto expert

    Become an expert trader and the powerhouse of crypto knowledge from CoinDCX Learning

  • Trend savvy

    Gauge the crypto world through an easy-to-understand lens

What you will Learn from Course Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Course

✔ Fundamentals of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

✔ Technicals of Trading and Investing

✔ Differences between FIAT and Cryptocurrency

About Aman

Aman Sanduja

I’m a founder of Moving. Building something which I will be proud of 10 years down the lane. I have taught 10k+ people on cryptocurrency and blockchain across south east asia. I have also spoke at TEDX and IDRBT, a research institute of RBI. I am an engineer by chance, crypto and blockchain enthusiast by choice. I am working on a stealth startup at the moment.

What People say about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Course

Well designed course and easy to understand

Jhanvi Singh

Mr. Aman is an exceptional instructor! I finally understand the concepts of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. Thank you for the time you put into teaching this course.

Great exposure for a beginner

Debashish Ghosh

As an absolute beginner, I am very satisfied so far. The explanations of cryptocurrency and blockchain course are well done in such a way that I really understand and can follow! Great!

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