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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Basics & Fundamentals

    • Introduction

    • What are Cryptocurrencies?

    • Comparison vs Other Assets

    • Market Share

    • Crypto-nomics

    • Factors affecting Price Movements

    • Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

    • Ways to participate in Market

    • Trading vs. Investing

  • 2

    Trading Crypto

    • Methods of Trading

    • Algorithm and Automated Trading tools

    • Trading Time Frames

    • Trading Instruments

    • Technical Analysis Overview

    • Trend Analysis

    • Data Representation

    • Moving Averages

    • Indicators

    • Volume And Open Interest

    • Market Participants

    • Trading Psychology

    • Trade Management

    • Bonus Content: DCX Learn x ClearTax

Course Overview

✔ Have a strong understanding of what blockchain technology is.

✔ Articulate the key technical aspects, such as trend analysis and trading algorithms.

✔ Describe the strengths and weaknesses of cryptocurrency as an asset and a payment mechanism.

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Benefits of taking this Blockchain and Trading: An Extensive Guide

  • Smart finance

    Achieve financial insights and gain richer dividends

  • Crypto expert

    Become an expert trader and the powerhouse of crypto knowledge from CoinDCX Learning

  • Trend savvy

    Gauge the crypto world through an easy-to-understand lens

What you will Learn from Blockchain and Trading: An Extensive Guide

✔ Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology

✔ Extensive know-how about Cryptocurrencies

✔ How to be a smart investor of Cryptocurrency

About Abhimanyu Kashyap

Founder and CEO of Get Safle

Abhimanyu Kashyap

Early Adopter of Bitcoin, Abhimanyu is a self-taught technologist and Founder & CEO of inblox network group companies. Inblox provides blockchain infrastructure tools and services focusing on branding, networking and education. Masters in communications from Nottingham, UK, Abhimanyu has built and marketed the fastest engine for digital lending automation in consumer lending, profiling million+ users in less than a year. He is currently advocating about cryptocurrencies and leading the largest business + community network of India under inblox.

What People say about Blockchain and Trading: An Extensive Guide

Great Course!! Has literally everything for Beginners like me! Learned a lot!

Naman Rochak

Abhimanyu is a great instructor who is very engaging and able to clearly explain complex concepts from Blockchain and Trading: An Extensive Guide. While most of this course was a refresher for me, I was able to learn more about blockchain and some of the existing cryptos on the market

Loving the course! So comprehensive and at a good level.

Pooja Dange

The Blockchain and Trading: An Extensive Guide is very good, very easy to follow and a lot of things to learn. I enjoyed and learned a lot

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