Uncomplicate Your Relationship with Money

✔ Learn how to start financial planning and benefits of investing early

✔ Recognise how to draw financial goals and every day methods to achieve them

✔ Learn how to efficiently save tax upon landing your first job

✔ Learn how to recognise and select the right investment product based on your financial standing

✔ Learn how to budget day-to-day expenses

✔ Learn how to finance higher education

Who this course is for:
  • Everyone who is interested in growing their money

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Investment Planning

    • Understanding various types of Asset Classes

    • Investment Options available in Equity Asset Class

    • Investment Options available in Gold Asset Class

    • Invetsment options available in Debt Asset Class

    • Investment Options for beginners in Real Estate

  • 3

    Stock Market

    • How to start with investing in stock markets? [Opening of account, paperwork, etc.)

    • Which is the first share / stock that you must buy?

    • Is day trading a good stock market investment strategy for you?

    • How do you go about picking good stocks to invest in? [Fundamental analysis]

    • How can you start with stock markets investing putting in only 3-5k every month?

  • 4

    How to finance your higher education

    • Things to take care before applying for Education Loan

    • How to get the Education Loan?- Process Explained Step by Step

    • How to get the Education Loan?- Process Explained Step by Step

  • 5

    Tax Planning

    • How to calculate the Tax you will be paying every year as per the Old Tax and New Slab?

    • Which Income Tax Return Form should I fill?

    • How to file Income Tax Return Form?

  • 6

    Where to Invest your Money

    • Investment Avenues - Where to Invest your Money

  • 7

    Managing Monthly Expenses & Budgeting

    • How can you reduce your monthly expenses?

    • What are some of the budgeting tools / apps that you could use?

    • How to save money for buying your first bike or phone?

    • BONUS!!! Download a FREE monthly budget tracker sheet:


Financial Planning Expert

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Koppr is on mission to spread financial literacy to masses. Anyone can learn this basic life skill from us, and evolve into a financially aware individual. This course is curated by our certified financial planning experts

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What our students have to say about this course

Must Take Course for Beginners

Jay Shah

An excellent course and perfect for anyone who would like to gain some insight into financial practices. I would highly recommend this course to people who are about to begin their professional career.

Glad I took this course at the beginning of my Career

Ruchi Gupta

This is wonderful course to get overview on finance for non-financial professionals. The professor did a great job explaining the concepts in layman terms without getting into number crunching. The concepts are explained easily so that one can understand the overall picture without getting into details. I would highly recommend it to others who would want to learn how to manage and grow their money