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Joseph Thomas is a Crypto Expert and has a postgraduate in MBA from IIMV.Currently he is honing my skills and expertise in Crypto, specifically in DeFi (Decentralized Finance), Crypto gaming and NFTs. He believs Crypto now, is in the same position as internet in 2000s, the change Internet brought in our lives will look minuscule compared to the change Crypto is going to bring.

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Blockchain & other Technology

  • Decentralized Finance

  • NFTs and everything about it.

About Crypto Expert Joseph Thomas

MBA-IIMV || Ex-TechM Business Excellence Associate || Ex-YMRI GET ||

Joseph Thomas

GIG Community || Hedera Blockchain Developer || Crypto Investor, Analyst and Trader || Expertise in DeFi and Gaming Crypto NFTs || MBA-IIMV || Ex-TechM Business Excellence Associate || Ex-YMRI GET ||

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  • Why should I consult a Crypto Expert

    Consulting a Crypto Expert is important because he/she is a compliance expert to effectively assess your current crypto situation and goals It will help you develop a comprehensive plan that addresses your major areas of crypto investing, trading, etc One must hire a Crypto Expert for the following reasons: ✔️ Investment growth ✔️ Investment Planning ✔️ Minimizing risk ✔️ Other compliances required

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    Consulting a Crypto Expert online is a very simple and effective way of getting professional advice. 1) You book an consolation with the Crypto Expert 2) We schedule a call 3) Speak with the expert and get answers to all your questions

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    Keep a list of questions and relevant documents handy with you. Make sure you ask specific questions so that our expert can guide you in a precise manner.

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