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In this world, where interest rates are ever decreasing and inflation is ever increasing, it has become almost absolutely necessary to invest in the Mutual Funds to be able to save enough for the retirement and for Wealth Creation. This Mutual Fund Investing workshop aims to help you achieve your financial goals in life. The primary objective of the this workshop is to make you "investment ready". So, by the time you are done with this workshop, you will be ready to start investing in mutual funds.

  • Different types of mutual funds and their peculiarities

  • Key risks/costs involved in mutual fund investing

  • Why invest in mutual fund & Investment Goals

  • How to select a fund for investment

  • How to allocate Funds in the Portfolio?

Attend the Workshop

(Only if You Want to Grow Your Money)

This workshop discusses all that you need to know about Mutual Funds and Investing in Mutual Funds. Whether you are a beginner, just about starting to invest your money OR you are an experienced Investor, you will find this workshop useful as it discusses all the nuances for making the right choice of investing in Mutual Funds to maximize returns at the minimum risk.

Why you should attend this Mutual Fund Investment Workshop

  • Mutual Funds Investment

    If you want to learn Mutual Funds Investment Planning strategies and want to invest your money wisely

  • Get Answers

    Get answers to your most pressing question regarding mutual fund investing

  • Its FREE!

    The masterclass is FREE of charge. With a Special giveaway worth Rs 2000/- to all participants

Get FREE Financial Planning Course

Get access to financial planning course worth Rs 2000/- for FREE at the end of the webinar

What our students have to say about our workshops

Amazing and informative free workshop

Pranay Kashi

Good workshop for beginners who would like to understand the basics of Mutual Funds. and Yes, explained very clearly. Best free workshop

Best workshop for beginners on mutual funds investment

Purvi Vishwakarma

This workshop is just good for people to get started with Mutual Funds without digging in deeper into more important concepts(Like Expense Ratio, Risk Analysis) which are considered while selecting a Mutual Fund. Great learning and simple explanation