Course curriculum

  • 2

    Management analysis as a part of fundamental analysis

    • What is Management Analysis?

    • Learn about Management Analysis tools

    • Learn how to know about accounting and financial frauds of a company

    • Understanding the company profile analysis

  • 3

    Financial Statement

    • Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis

    • What is a Balance Sheet?

    • Importance of Financial Ratios

    • Long-term debt analysis explained

    • Complete study of Balance Sheet (part 1)

    • Complete study of Balance Sheet (part 2)

    • Understanding the Profit and Loss statement of a company

    • Calculation of Profit of Margin of a company

    • What is the Cashflow Statement?

  • 4

    Company Valuation

    • Understand valuation analysis of a company

    • Case of ICICI Securities

    • Learn how to analyze Future Cash Flow


Senior Instructor

FinnovationZ Academy

FinnovaionZ has more than 1.5 Million subscribers on YouTube. FinnovationZ are constructively working in order to spread financial awareness across the globe. The only agenda is to simplify complexities of various financial operations so that people get more familiar with it.

What people say

Very happy with the course

Pooja Verma

This is a very good course on fundamental analysis. The tutor made all the concepts very easy to understand.

Value for Money

Lokesh Gupta

I visited many online portals before taking the fundamental analysis course from Koppr. I very happy with the course and it is value for money, will recommend to others

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