Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. Basics of System Trading

  • 2

    2. Design, Backtesting & Optimisation of a Trading System

    • 2.1 Historical Data Gathering

    • 2.2 Idea Generation Part 1

    • 2.3 Idea Generation Part 2

    • 2.4 Idea Generation Part 3

    • 2.5 Idea Generation Part 4

    • 2.6 Bonus Clip

    • 2.7 Trading Strategy Design Part 1

    • 2.8 Trading Strategy Design Part 2

    • 2.9 Backtesting Part 1

    • 2.10 Backtesting Part 2

    • 2.11 Validation of Results

    • 2.12 Optimisation

    • 2.13 Live Alerts of Trading System on TradingView

Course Overview

✔ Learn about Precise Entry and Exit

✔ Learn How to Optimize your Trades and Monitor them

✔ Learn about Different Rules & Ideas for Generating Trading Strategy

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Benefits of taking this System Trading Course

  • Smart Trading

    Learn the best way of Trading using Automated System Trading

  • Build Strategies

    Build different profit rules and strategies using this System Trading

  • Minimize the Risk

    With System Trading, learn to trade better and eliminate risk in the market

About the Instructor

System Trader

Aashutosh Chandra

Aashutosh is a system trader who has deep interests in the areas such as system designing, backtesting, optimising on index futures and options data.

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What people say about this System Trading Course

Amazing Course to Dive In


Great course and looking forward to trying system trading for my trading journey

Best course for beginners

Jhanvi Khar

Great course with detailed information on System Trading, must course for beginners who are starting with Trading

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