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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Future & Option Course Overview

    • Futures And Options Course Demo

  • 2

    Types of Market

    • What is a derivative market?

    • Understanding the meaning of the forward contract

  • 3


    • Understanding the meaning of the forward contract

    • How do futures contracts work?

    • Understanding open interest in futures

    • What is Short Selling?

    • What is hedging risk?

    • Understanding the use of futures for hedging

  • 4


    • How do options contract work?

    • Application of call and put options

What you'll learn from Future and Options Course

✔ Basics of Futures and Options

✔ Terminology related to Futures and Options

✔ How to place orders in Futures and Options with live examples

✔ How to hedge positions

✔ Understanding Risk and Reward

✔ Option selling vs Option buying

✔ Strategies to make most out of Futures and options

✔ Index Futures vs Stock Futures

✔ Instrinic Value and Time Value

✔ How calculate profit & loss

✔ Call Option & Put Option

✔ F&O Strategies

Benefit of taking this Future and Options Course

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  • Certification

    Learners enrolling will be given a “Certificate of Completion” from Koppr Academy.

  • Expert Led Course

    Gain expert knowledge in developing and evaluating your skills for the course from leading experts.

More about Future and Options Course

✔  This chapter contains lectures that explain the two types of markets. 

✔  You get to know about the derivative market with the help of elaborative examples. The concept of the derivatives market has been discussed thoroughly.

✔  You get to learn about futures contracts and how it helps to get rid of the default risk.

✔  Know about the practical application of futures contracts and get acquainted with the terms like hedging, short selling, open interest, etc.

✔  This chapter gives complete information about options contracts and how it works. 

✔  An in-depth explanation of concepts like call options trading, put options trading with the help of simple examples.

Future & Option Course by Koppr & Convey

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What people say

Future & Options explained very well

Ankit Choudary

I understood the concepts right from the basics of Future and Options, This is a good course. Thank you Koppr

Thank you

Jignesh Shah

I learned about the future and options in a very easy way. This is a very in-depth course and the instructor is amazing and has lot of knowledge

Future & Option Course by Koppr & Convey

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