Course curriculum

  • 2

    Understanding Fundamental Analysis of a Company

    • Concept of Financial Analysis explained with an example

    • Management and Cash Flow Statement Analysis explained with an example

    • PEG ratio & other valuation techniques with an example

  • 3

    Why Management Analysis is so important? Case Study!

    • Leel Electricals Company Analysis

  • 4

    Detailed explanation on company and Industry analysis with an example

    • How to analyze an AMC? Detailed explanation with an example

    • How to analyze an entire industry? Explained with an example.

    • Does Industry Analysis important to pick the right stocks?

  • 5

    How to perform company Analysis ? Explained with an example.

    • GMR Infra Company Analysis

What you'll learn

In this course you will learn a proven strategy successful investors like use to pick their best stocks and how you can get the maximum profit by selecting the right stocks. Enroll today and learn from the experts the best strategies of selecting the stocks

  • You will learn the thought process of picking a winning stock.

  • How to do Fundamental Analysis of a Company & Stocks

  • Management Analysis of a Company with Live Examples

  • Live Trading Examples on how to select stocks


Senior Instructor

FinnovationZ Academy

FinnovaionZ has more than 1.5 Million subscribers on YouTube. FinnovationZ are constructively working in order to spread financial awareness across the globe. The only agenda is to simplify complexities of various financial operations so that people get more familiar with it.

What our students have to say about this course

Very good cours

Raju Mishra

Earlier I used to make very little profit in stock market as i did not know how to find the right to invest in. This course has really helped me to find the right stocks which has increased by profit 3 times.

Highly recommended to get good profits

Roy Ganguly

I was very impressed with this course and the explanations provided by the instructor. He was thorough and explained things in an easy to understand format. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to earn good profits in stock market

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