Course curriculum

  • 1

    Stock Markets

    • What is a stock exchange?

    • How do stock markets work?

    • What is a share?

    • What is a bull and a bear market?

    • How can beginners invest in stocks?

    • What to keep in mind while investing in stocks?

    • What benefits do share holders enjoy

    • What are the risks involved in the stock market?

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  • 2

    Welcome to the Financial Planning Course - Core Principles of Financial Planning

    • #1 Spend less than you earn

    • #2 Pay-off all bad debt

    • #3 Plan for your retirement

    • #4 Enjoy life and incentivise yourself

    • What is financial planning?

    • What are financial goals?

    • What are S.M.A.R.T goals?

    • How to plan for emergencies

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  • 3

    Mutual Funds

    • What are mutual funds?

    • How do mutual funds work?

    • Why opt for mutual funds?

    • Who manages your mutual fund

    • Different types of mutual funds

    • What are equity mutual funds?

    • What are debt mutual funds?

    • What is ELSS Mutual Fund?

    • What is a SIP?

    • Are mutual fund investments risky?

    • How to choose a SIP?

    • How are mutual fund investments taxed?

    • How to understand the performance of mutual funds?

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  • 4

    Relationships & Finance

    • Financial planning for a DINK couple

    • How to plan for your wedding expenses

    • How to plan for your honeymoon expenses

    • How to plan for your vacation finances

    • Sharing your finances with your family

    • How to take care of your parent's financial well-being

    • How to help your parents save money

    • How to insure your parents

    • How to help your parents with legacy planning

    • How to plan for your retirement

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  • 5

    Home Buying Basics

    • Should I buy a house or rent it

    • Pros & cons of buying a house

    • How to find your house and finance it

    • Is it a good idea to avail a home loan?

    • How can a home loan save tax

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  • 6

    Financing your Education

    • What is education loan

    • Benefits of an education loan?

    • Can you afford an education loan?

    • How to apply for an educational loan?

    • How to estimate cost of an educational loan?

    • How to repay your education loan?

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  • 7

    Financing your Vehicle

    • How to finance your car?

    • What is a car loan?

    • Why should you opt for a car loan?

    • What is car insurance?

    • Should you buy or rent a car?

    • What is comprehensive car insurance?

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  • 8

    Managing your debt

    • What is a loan?

    • How is loan EMI calculated?

    • What are the different types of loans available in India?

    • What is repayment cycle of a loan?

    • What is credit score?

    • How is credit score calculated?

    • How does your loan affect your credit score?

    • How does a credit card work?

    • What is minimum balance payment and full payment of a CC outstanding?

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  • 9

    Insurance Planning

    • What is Insurance?

    • Why do I need Insurance?

    • How does Insurance work?

    • What are the different types of Insurance policies?

    • What is health insurance?

    • What are the different types of health insurance plans?

    • What is life insurance?

    • What are the different types of life insurance plans?

    • How to choose the best life insurance plan?

    • What are the tax advantages of Insurance?

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  • 10

    Tax Planning

    • What is Income Tax?

    • How much tax do I need to pay?

    • What is TDS?

    • What is an Income Tax Deduction?

    • How to file your income tax online?

    • What are the heads of Income that needs to be considered while filing your ITR?

    • What are tax-saving investments?

    • How to claim Income tax refund?

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  • 11


    • Stock Markets Beginners Guide

    • Mutual Funds Beginners Guide

    • Financial Planning Complete Guide

    • Access to Private Telegram & Facebook Group

  • 12

    Final Test

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