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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Intraday Course Overview

  • 2

    Lesson 1

    • Finding Trends

    • Fractals and Alligators

  • 3

    Lesson 2

    • Rules of the strategy

    • Live Trades

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    Lesson 3

    • Results of the strategy

    • FAQs

Topics covered by Vishal Mehta

  • New Indicators like Williams Fractal and Williams Alligator

  • Master The Most Profitable Options Trading Strategies With Real World Examples & Sample Trades

  • Defining range market and trending market

  • How to play long option with a directional bias

  • Learn Fractal and Alligator Indicators in detail

  • Learn with Live Trading Examples

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More about Intraday Options Buying Strategy

✔ Intraday Options Buying Strategy is designed to give you a full and instinctive understanding of options trading upon completion of the program. 

✔ The core of the course consists of important aspects of the derivative world to be considered as you trade real options on a trading platform. 

✔ Options buying is tough! But we’re here to simplify it for you. In this course, you will get to learn all about an Intraday options buying strategy using a well-known technical indicator like fractals and alligators.

✔ Some interesting statistics Market trends only 30% of the time and remain sideways 70% of the time. Another interesting number is 90% of option buyer loses money. 

✔ So as a trader what are the best indicator and tools we can use to build a profitable long options trading strategy. This will be an intraday Long option strategy. 

✔ This strategy has an element of discretion and allows for flexibility to suit your style of trading. This is a complicated course on intraday option buying strategy.

Intraday Options Buying Course by Koppr & LearnApp

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Vishal Mehta, Your Instructor

Vishal Mehta

A self motivated professional with over 14 years of experience in sales, customer relationship, strategic management the financial service industry complemented with great sales experience. Great understanding of the organizational culture, team orientated and able to understand the client needs and providing best possible solutions to them. In my current role, I have trained more than 2000 customers on Technical analysis of the market. Being very instrumental in handeling Buy Side and Sell Side clients and have trained major Buy Side and Sell Sides like ( LIC, UTI, SBI MF, Reliance AMC etc. and Sell Side like ICICI - Sec, Motilal Oswal, Religare, SMC Global etcc.. ) Specialties: Technical Analysis, Derivative Market, Capital Market, Option Strategies, System Trading.

What our students have to say about this course

Best Course for Intraday Options Buying Strategy

Sunil Kartik

Overall the course videos and presentation are good but related to options especially with respect to bullish and bearish call and put strategies are generally very difficult to understand. But this Intraday Options Buying Strategy course made it very easy to understand. Overall experience with this course I have learned many things and appreciate the efforts put forth by lecturers.

Intraday Options Buying Strategy course was very insightful and informative

Ajit Mittal

Thanks a lot, Mr. Vishal Mehta for explaining the in and outs of the Intraday Options Buying Strategy. Being a beginner I learned how to trade options trading and looking forward to studying your other advanced courses on Options Trading from Koppr. Thank you once again.

Intraday Options Buying Course by Koppr & LearnApp

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