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Course Curriculum

  • Day 01 : Basic of Candlestick Chart

  • Day 02 : Moving Averages & logic

  • Day 03 : Stock Screening Techniques

  • Day 04 : EMA 20 & Blockbuster trade setup & Candlestick patterns (theoretical)

  • Day 05 : Importance of Sectorial Analysis

  • Day 06 : Advanced Trend Analysis

  • Day 07 : A unique way of finding trade in downtrend/market crashes

  • Day 08 : Identifying Market Traps, Logic behind different trading styles

  • Day 09 : How to analyze the gaps on charts and its different types

  • Day 10 : Indicators & Trailing Stop Loss

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Topics Covered by Sanket Katariya

✅ Top-bottom approach to analyze any stock

✅ Trend Analysis

✅ Moving Average (Simple, Exponential, Linearly Weighted)

✅ Market Traps

✅ Trading against the Trend

✅ Gap Theory

✅ Trading Indicators

✅ Candlestick Explanation And Patterns

✅ Trading sector along with stock to get best returns for investment and trading

✅ The Journey of an Apprentice Trader to Proficient Trader

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More About Candlestick Chart Course

✅ No Complicated Chart Patterns

✅ No Indicators and Volume Analysis

✅ Only Advance Price Action + Unique Theory

✅ Trade with Institutional

✅ Delivers 80-85% Accuracy

✅ Learn One-Time, Earn Lifetime

✅ Training with Army of Top-Notch Traders

Sanket Katariya, Your Instructor


Sanket Katariya

An MBA-Finance graduate with an experience of working with one of the largest credit rating agency company in India. He is actively trading into stock market nearly 2.5+ years and tracking the market from last 5+ years. He is an passionate entrepreneur, trader, trainer, mentor & investor. He is an enthusiast about cars, bikes and socially active personality with innovative & creative ideas.

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What people say about this course

Good explanation on candle stick patterns

Rajkumar K

Very informative for new traders. I am enjoying the fundamentals and looking forward to applying what I have learned in real-time. Thank You Koppr and Sanket

Great information delivered

Sofiya Miranda

The lessons are well explained and the instructor Sanket katariya knows his subject matter very well. I very much liked how the information was presented and I found it very easy to understand. Can't wait to take the rest of the courses from Koppr