Course curriculum

  • 1

    Program Attributes

    • Advance Candlestick Analysis

    • Dow Theory

    • Chart Patterns & Harmonic Patterns

    • Fibonacci Tools

    • Indicators & Stock Screening

    • In-depth Training & Money Management

    • Classification of Trends

    • Identifying Who Drives The Market (FII, DII)

    • Stock Options And Index Options As Risk Averted Instruments

    • Use Of Quantitative Market Data To Analyze Options Premium With Respect To Price, Open Interest, Volume, Delivery And IV’s

    • Mechanics Of Options Trading With Directional Opportunities In The Market

    • Understanding What is VIX index (Index Volatility)

    • Creation of Advance Decline Ratio Data sheet combining the above tools

    • Sentimental Analysis/Technical analysis

    • Demand & Supply Zones

    • Basic of Options: In the Money – Out the Money – At the Money

    • Payoff Option Pricing Option Pricing Models

    • Settlement of Options Contracts Points

    • Using Options To Generate Income With Hedging Strategies

    • Open Interest Analysis

    • Option Greeks: Delta, Vega, Theta

  • 2

    Events Base Option Strategies

    • Stock Screening & Strategy Based On Screening

    • Identification of Stocks: For Trading / Investment

    • Application of Technical Analysis – Step-by-Step

    • Final Calls Derived By Students To Be Traded On

    • Live Trading Session & Software Training

    • Money Management

    • Personal Experience Discussion

Course Overview

✔ You Will Get Trained On Real-Time Basis By Certified Professional Traders & Investors I.E. You Are Experiencing Action Replay/Mock Trading Session.

✔ Free Software, Study Material, And Tool Will Be Provided For Smooth Understanding Purpose.

✔ Stock Screening, Practical Sessions Carried Out On Regular Basis.

✔ All-Time Guidance Through Social Media Groups.

✔ An Additional Advantage To All Students Related To Advisory And Recommendation A Life Time Support To Make You A Professional Traders.

About Pro Trader Course

Pro Trader is a course which grooms you into a Professional Trader. This program is designed particularly for people who want to take Professional Stock Trading as a career. This program is designed to suit the need of the market where the student though ever theoretical knowledge but can’t apply in the live maket.this gives the student the mental ability to act like in a real trading world.

Benefit of taking this Pro Trader Course

  • Interactive training

    Interactive training is exceptionally effective as a learning tool.

  • Free Revision Session

    To help with the course our team have put together a range of FREE online revision programs

  • Hand holding during live sessions

    Life Time Support And Handholding In Live Market

  • Complete Guidance

    All-time guidance through social media groups.

What you'll get from Pro Trader Course

✔ Lifetime Support and Handholding in Live Market 

✔ Free Money Management and Position Sizing Too 

✔ Free Course on Trading Psychology Worth 5000/- - 

✔ Certified Course

✔ Free Software and Study Material

✔ Regular Guidance Through Social Media Groups

About Chirag Bavisi

Chirag Bavisi

- The Technical Research Analyst - The TEDx Speaker - MBA in Marketing & Finance - Article writer for economic times - Corporate financial coach

What People Say About Pro Trader Course

Best Pro trader course to make you Pro in Trading

Prachi Shukla

Really valuable course of Pro Trader. Amazing stock analysis techniques done in course. Thanks sir for make me perfect in share Market. Ready to do for next advanced course

Best and Valuable Pro Trader course by Koppr

Ajay Pandey

This Pro Trader course is easy to understand and covered all essential topics which are required to trade. Video giving complete knowledge of the topics. Thanks a lot for making such courses sir.