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The Perfect Scalp Trading Strategy

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    Scalp Trading - Course Overview

    • Scalp Trading Course Overview

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    Who is a Scalper & What is Scalping?

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    • Who is a Scalper

    • How I started Scalping

    • What is Scalping?

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    How to Select Stocks for Scalping?

    • Stock Selection

    • Active Sectors

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    Scalping Strategy

    • What is the Strategy?

    • Banking Example

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    Live Scalp Trades (Examples)

    • Understanding the Broking Terminal

    • Live Trades 11th April

    • Live Trades 12th April

    • Live Trades 13th April

    • Discipline & Psychology

Topics Covered by G. Bharadwaj

✔ Basics of Scalping

✔ Learn How To Select Stocks For Scalping

✔ Learn How To Import Stock Data of any date To Google Spreadsheet

✔ Learn How To Find The Direction Of the Market

✔ Learn How To Control Your Emotions Once You're Entry Is Triggered

✔ Best Time Frame For Trading

✔ Learn At What Time You Should Enter & Exit Into The Market

✔ Learn How To Do Scalping In Banking

✔ Live Trading Examples

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More about Scalp Trading Course

✔ Scalp trading, or scalping, is a popular trading strategy that has been around for a very long time.

✔ In this trading method, traders buy and sell stocks multiple times within a day for a small profit. 

✔ Scalping trading can be profitable when a good strategy is used. Scalping strategies are most effective during periods of substantial trading volumes in conjunction with high leverage and tight spreads. 

✔ Scalping will take a while to master, but it’s a great skill to add to your arsenal, especially if markets trade sideways for an extended period.

Scalp Trading Course by Koppr & LearnApp

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G. Bharadwaj, Your Instructor

G Bharadwaj

Bharadwaj is an experienced trader and started his journey in 2001. Bharadwaj is a scalper and he only trades the 100 most active stocks at any point in time. He looks for stocks that tend to move in tandem with the indices, either up or down and trades them. Bharadwaj has also been a consistent winner of the Zerodha 60-day challenge.

Scalp Trading Course by Koppr & LearnApp

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Best Scalp Trading Course from G. Bharadwaj

Vivek Yadav

This Scalp Trading Course has helped me a lot in learning more about the strategies of scalping from the best instructor G Bharadwaj

Very Good and Informative Scalp Trading Course

Jatin Shah

This Scalp Trading course was great for filling any gaps in my understanding of short-term trading and technical analysis. The instructor G Bharadwaj was helpful as well and I look forward to taking other trading courses presented by Koppr