Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Stock Markets

    • What is a stock exchange?

    • Continue Stock Market Course

    • How do stock markets work?

    • What is a share?

    • What is a bear and a bull market?

  • 2

    Investing in Stock Markets

    • How can beginners invest in stocks?

    • What to keep in mind while investing in stock market?

  • 3

    Other Questions

    • What benefits do share holders enjoy?

    • What are the risks involved in stock markets?

  • 4

    Stock Market Test

    • Stock Market Test

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Course Overview

✔ Free comprehensive and interesting courses to learn the basics of the stock market. Learn how the stock markets work and get an understanding of live trading strategies.

✔ The course begins with the basics of the stock market including key definitions you'll need to understand.

✔ You will even learn techniques to help predict future shifts so you can protect your money from downturns in the market

✔ You will be equipped to handle market swings so that you won't be surprised by sudden market changes

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What you will learn from this Free Stock Market Course

✔ Learn the Basics of the Stock Market

✔ Invest and Trade with Confidence

✔ Master the Basics of Trading and Investing

✔ Teach how the stock market works

What People say about Free Stock Market Course

The course is very nice and knowledgeable

Jaimin Solanki

Comprehensive Free Stock Market course for trading and investing from an experienced instructor makes this course so worthwhile. Loved how straight and too the point the lectures were. Videos were the perfect length and didn’t get too dry. Good pace and just the right amount of detail for a beginner and on top of that this is a Free course

Easy to understand and smooth learning

Rajesh Mehta

Carefully explains terminology and how the stock market works in simple and easy-to-understand language. It was well organized. Almost all concepts are categorized in terms of Modules. I got to know a few new concepts and techniques just because of this course. Many thanks to Mandar