Course curriculum

  • 1

    Basics Of Algorithmic Trading

    • Know And Understand The Terminology

  • 2


    • Basics Of Ms Excel, Available Functions And Many Examples To Give You A Good Introduction To The Basics

  • 3

    Basics Of Omega Software

    • Installation, Basic Functions, Interactive Exercises, And Python Notebook

  • 4


    • Terminology, Options Pricing Basic, Greeks And Simple Option Trading Strategies

  • 5

    Basic Statistics Including Probability Distributions

    • Standard Normal Distribution; Related Parameters Like Z-Score, Confidence Interval And Their Use, And Hypothesis Testing, Covariance, Correlation And Regression And Their Physical Significance

  • 6


    • Tutorial To Get An Hands-On On Multicharts

  • 7

    Introduction To Machine Learning

    • Basics Of Machine Learning For Trading And Implement Different Machine Learning Algorithms To Trade In Financial Markets

    • Data Types, Variables, Inbuilt Functions, Logical Operators, And Control Structures

    • Writing And Backtesting Trading Strategies

    • Introduction To Brokers Platform

    • Using Ibridgepy Api To Automate Your Trading Strategies On Brokers Platform

    • Two Preparatory Sessions Will Be Conducted To Answer Queries And Resolve Doubts

Course Overview

✔ Pro Technical Analyst Program

✔ Turtle Trading: Practical Concept Clarity, Based On Nifty And Banknifty.

✔ A Millionaire Trade System For Achieving High Probability Trading Arena.

✔ An Option Strategy With Highest Amount

✔ Of Accuracy With  Minimal Margin And Maximum Returns.

✔ Core Concept: Any Market Condition Workability With Full Proof Setup And Back Tested Result.

✔ Thinking Paradigm: A Psychology Training To Change The Mindset From Mediocrity To Extraordinary Mind Setup Of A Trader.

✔ Wealth Dynamics: A Technique  To Manage Your Money And Inject The Strategy Of Rich Dad Poor Dad With Trading Concept

✔ 7 Wonders Of Technical Analysis Framework.

About Trade Alchemist Course

The purpose of this course is to equip you with the knowledge required to comprehend the financial statements of a company and understand the various transactions that take place in the stock market so that you can replicate the strategies discovered by the extant academic literature.

Benefit of taking Trade Alchemist Course

  • Interactive training

    Interactive training is exceptionally effective as a learning tool.

  • Free Revision Session

    To help with the course our team have put together a range of FREE online revision programs

  • Hand holding during live sessions

    Life Time Support And Handholding In Live Market

  • Complete Guidance

    All-time guidance through social media groups.

What you'll get from Trade Alchemist Course

✔ Lifetime Support and Handholding in Live Market 

✔ Free Money Management and Position Sizing Too 

✔ Free Course on Trading Psychology Worth 5000/- - 

✔ Certified Course

✔ Free Software and Study Material

✔ Regular Guidance Through Social Media Groups

About Chirag Bavisi

Chirag Bavisi

- The Technical Research Analyst - The TEDx Speaker - MBA in Marketing & Finance - Article writer for economic times - Corporate financial coach

What People Say About Trade Warrior Course

Trade Alchemist course is excellent to get you started

Jinesh Rao

I really enjoyed this trading alchemist course. It was a good match for me and I'm thinking about taking his other courses to improve my trading skills.

Very simple to understand, informative and straight to the point.

Druvesh Singh

Trading Alchemist course was great for filling any gaps in my understanding of short term trading and technical analysis. The instructor was helpful as well and I look forward to taking other trading courses presented by him.