Course curriculum

  • 1

    Demo Video For Value Investing Course

  • 2


    • Introduction to Value Investing

  • 3


    • Techniques to find actual value of company

    • Finding asset based valuation of company

  • 4

    Discounted Cash Flow method

    • Finding P/E ratio of a company

    • Understanding the Discounted Cash Flow Method

    • What does Free Cash Flow indicate?

    • Application of the DCF method

  • 5


    • Difference between growth investing and value investing

    • Understanding strategies of successful investor

What you'll learn

✔ Value Investing in Stock Market

✔ Investment Strategy of Warren Buffett

✔ Growth Investing

✔ Valuation of a Company

✔ DCF Method and P/E Ratio

Course Description
  1. Methods of investing

    Learn about the well-known methods of investing, which includes- Value investing and growth investing.

  2. Differences between value and growth investing methodologies

    Get insights into the points of major differences between value and growth investing, in order to get a clear understanding of both the investing methods.

  3. Ways to figure out under-valued companies

    Get acquainted with the ways to evaluate undervalued companies in order to prepare a loss-proof investment portfolio, on your own.

  4. Method of calculating valuation along with the concept of ‘Margin of Safety’

    Get well- informed about the concept of ‘margin of safety’, because it will surely help you with the risk management strategies.

  5. How to plan the best investment strategy using value investing?

    Value investing is one of those entities which forms the base of the stock market investment. Get elaborative learning regarding points which you need to keep in mind while implementing your investment plan, using value investing.

  6. Investment technique opted by ‘Father of value investing’ himself- Mr Benjamin Graham

    Learn about how the investment giant Mr Benjamin Graham, made use of value investing and its technique in order to rule the wonderland of the stock market.

Who this course is for:
  • Everyone who is interested in Stock Market
  • Curious about value investing and Growth investing


Senior Instructor

FinnovationZ Academy

FinnovaionZ has more than 1.5 Million subscribers on YouTube. FinnovationZ are constructively working in order to spread financial awareness across the globe. The only agenda is to simplify complexities of various financial operations so that people get more familiar with it.

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In-dept course material

Shyam Agarwal

This course on value investing is very well structured and has indept learning. I got a certificate from Koppr too.

Really good course

Veena Dubey

I wanted to upgrade my self in the area on stocks. I took the course on value investing from Koppr. This course was really good, all my doubts are cleared. Thanks you.

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