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What you'll learn

This workshop is a perfectly designed to provide stock market basics and it aims at a practical application, to create a powerful knowledge bank on various techniques required to start trading in stock market. Enrol for Smart Money workshops dedicated to trending topics that will turn you into a better trader.

  • How Stock Market Works and how you can get Started

  • Understand how to find stocks and decide which ones to buy

  • How to start trading and place a Buy or Sell order

  • Key How to Design Your Portfolio & How to Evaluate your Fund?

  • The concept of Profit, Dividend and Growth

Attend the Workshop

(Only if You Want to Grow Your Money)

This workshop is basically for beginners, who don’t have an experience in trading & who don’t know from where & how to start. Learn the Basics of trading in the Stock Market Using our Step-By-Step Process to Find, Analyze, and Value Stocks so You Can trade with Absolute Confidence! Whether your goal is to be a short-term stock trader, long-term value trader, trading in the stock market can provide you with endless opportunities

Why you should attend this Stock Market Trading Workshop

  • Stock Market Trading

    If you want to learn Stock Market Trading strategies and want to invest your money wisely

  • Get Answers

    Get answers to your most pressing question regarding stock market trading

  • Its FREE!

    The masterclass is FREE of charge. With a Special giveaway worth Rs 2000/- to all participants

Get FREE Financial Planning Course

Get access to financial planning course worth Rs 2000/- for FREE at the end of the webinar

What our students have to say about our workshops

Very comprehensive workshop

Chirag Darekar

Good information for beginners. If you are taking this workshop as a beginner then be ready to take more. As it is a bit more than the Beginner course. I learned a lot from this course and I'm happy that I went through with it before restarting my investment journey.

This workshop is awesome!

Jatin Jangid

As a beginner, I truly enjoyed the workshop and learned many new things. The stock market trading for a beginner is excellent for beginners as the workshop suggests and our queries are clarified promptly in the Q&A. Thank you Mrs. Rushika